As Tall As Big Bird Hung Like A Bic Lighter

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Happy Monday lurkers and luster’s I had a fantastic weekend, Saturday was hot date night with my boyfriend and I actually paid for dinner, well, lets face it I didn’t pay for it, one of you adoring kosher pigs paid for it.
Football Sunday my friend Cara came over, we made plans to have bloody mary’s and watch a marathon day of Gossip Girl. We got through about 4 episodes but the pause button was coming on all day since I kept getting interrupted by desperate little dicked men needing a piece of me. As if this Jewish girl is going to turn down cash, of course not, Thats what tivo is for.
It’s been a long time but, like most groveling fetish addicted slaves that come back so did the shrimpy Jewish guy. He was gone for a while but Mr successful with his multiple homes and good looks was still missing one thing. Standing tall and handsome at 6’3 the black cock craving Jewish man was hung like a Bic lighter.
He sent me photos of his underdeveloped pathetic pink dick and I showed my friend and we were just cracking up at that thing. No wonder people think Jewish men have small peckers. 3 inches later he was begging to come see me in Los Angeles and go on the hunt for some hard core Mandingo lovin. This small Jewish guy knows his place, ultimately its having a young JAP like me taking everything from my new cuckold Sugar Daddy.
He asked me if it would be possible to get some of my big black guy friends who play for UCLA to come over to his house. I said I would invite them over as long as he would pull his little Jewish dick out of his pants so I could show it off. The grand prize of all of course would be to see my boyfriends huge Jewish cock right in his face jerked off by me spraying him with his kosher salt malt. My friend Carrie said she’s never even seen a dick that small, ew gross how pathetic. We laughed for hours and had him pay for our take out delivery from Jerrys Deli with his credit card number and we ordered dinner too while we were at it. Cash raped and feeling happy , I love being the most naughty Jewish Princess.
I’m working on making some mp3’s I’ll post a few soon. Later dorks.
Hung Like A Lighter