Are You DTF – Down To Fuck?

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Looks like a I took a while to share all my words of wisdom with you wastoids, fans and lurkers. I was on the treadmill yesterday at the gym watching one of my favorite useless shoes Jersey Shore. It got me to really thinking, G-d bless America, where else can you get solid tv programming and make a career and a ton of cash fleecing men’s wallets while telling them how pathetic they are. With JS you’ve got your real life characters who enlighten us with antic like going out to the club and finding girls that are DTF that’s “Down to fuck” for all you non Jersey Shore watchers. It’s always a joy to see America’s finest in action.
Writing about America’s finest leads me to talking about myself of course. American’s finest Jewish Princess of phone sex destroying orgasms and egos globally. It was creep central this week with some of the snore bores that dialed my Niteflirt telephone. Tons of old skool addicts back for more of my verbal harassment.
Tommy Moran the loser who works for NASA has volunteered to be my pumpkin fucker for Halloween this year. He’s the same loser who fucked the jar of gifilte fish a total all time classic photo that will be cruising the interwebs for years to come. You better get that outfit together and fast and get ready to stick that little halloweenie into your jack-off-lantern.
Oh yeah I racked in another $850 in Spa cards from my pamper pig who understands the needs of a Jewish Princess. That means mani/pedi every 6 days, weekly 2 hour massage and other assorted treatments. So like get with my program dorks! Pamper pig totally lives for my pores, each precious pore of my soft skin needs all the attention and of course my pores are so fucking greedy that they want it all and right now. Pamper pig knows better then to say no to me. That last batch of gifts he sent me came with his address and phone number on it and he nearly shit his pants when I read it back to him. Like for reals, I don’t even care of have the time to call him. I guess if I don’t get what I want though I can always call his wife and let her know about his little side love. Ha, I’m like such a little bitch and you love it.