April The Belly Button Freak Loser Caller

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I got this really freak call today from a pansy ass girly voiced freak named April. Check out this email he sent me.

“omg your bellybutton and tummy are totally yummy hot and soooo cute!!!!! deep breathe…ok… I will be honest with you…just remember this is very real!! i will really do this if you wanna try this!!….whimper…Please just bear with me and seriously give it thought about trying as I think we could have fun trying this..well you would have the fun i sure won’t! giggle!…..
Ok…this is humilating and kinda of icky I suppose but here it goes! im being totally serious here…..I found this glass candydish with a lid that has a point on it that comes to a point like..umm..i dunno..maybe 4 inches in the air? i checked and my wittle innie bellybutton goes in maybe like not quite an inch?? deep breathe…i was thinking..if you really wanna try to hurt my super cutie innie..i could slip on my wittle XS ( i wear like a size 0 most of the time so you know i could totally be made into your rag doll!) white string bikini…maybe slip on a button down top and roll it up so that it was like right at my bottom of my ribcage and suck my tiny tummy in as tight as i could and knot the top..pulling it as tight as possible so that my poor wittle tiny tummy and bellybutton were forced out more….
then i could call you and put the lid on the floor and lay facedown on it with the point in my innie while you talked to me about hurting my bellybutton. I know the real pain i feel would prolly be intense but if it made you giggle i would do it! if you wannted to be super mean then you could tell me to lay it in a chair and i could lay on it and lift my arms and legs off the floor and all my weight would be on my poor wittle innie bellybutton..i can’t imagine how bad that woudl hurt me but I would do it for you because..omg i cant beleive this but you totally get me all wet! i probably would have trouble getting a breathe like that so it would be kinda like the you were smothering me too! slowly torturing me until i black out from pain and lack of air! all the while you would be saying bellybutton and talking about hurting my bellybutton and laughing about it and bellybutton baring clothes you like to wear and just saying the word bellybutton so i associate pain with it!
let me know what you think and if you would seriuoulsy pwease think about trying it as you sound totally awesome …it would be a big first step in making me not like bellybuttons! remmeber though i would really be laying on the lid for real! not joking!! I look forward to us trying out the lid and chair for real if the you wanna!! omg looking at the lid as i type this..makes me very scared!! the point will probably do some real damamge to my cutie innie..but im sure you would dig that…giggle…so if totally messing up a fellow chick like me sounds like fun to you lmk!!! April ”

April did call me and we did make her fuck her freak hole. Like can you even believe this shit?

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