Another Dumbass Loser In A Pig Mask

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Shalom geek squad! Some losers like to get all dressed of for Halloween on a once a year basis but, then we have idiot pigs like this schmuck goy loser. We have snort faced cheap phone sex loser Paul the pig who wears his snout weekly and plays in his tubby trough. This fucker is so cheap it’s unreal, he call’s for 5 min max just long enough for me to snap some pictures of him. His family must be so proud of this submissive filthy loser. Can you imagine what happened to this freak for him to be into this shit! I usually don’t like to give gross skinny pale losers like him any space on my site but, I did want to exploit that this cheap fuck is one pig faced loser. He proves that dressing up in a pig snout is’nt just for Halloween anymore. Pigwear is the new designer chic for losers didn’t you know? So make sure to get your snout out and give me a shout out at on Niteflirt .
This cheap phone sex loser is a prime example of a loser who likes to pretend he’s a financial domination slave but he’s not. The cheap phone losers are always the exact same in the phone domination world. When they call the first thing they say is, “Princess I want to give you all my money, please take it all”. That actually translates too “Princess I put $10 in and I want you to take all $10 of it”. Do you jizz stains actually think us seasoned phone dommes will fall for your cheap ass bullshit lines?
Money talks bullshit walks. So keep walking ass stain.