A Cream Pie Fetish Losers Fantasy

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My geek squad loves when I do my ridiculously humiliating mp3’s and today I got this super disgusting cream pie fetish losers request. The likely hood that I’ll ever record this idea is ohhhh lets say zero to none. Any guy that uses the term “nut” as in “Nut inside her pussy” is the kind of guy I immediatly don’t like and I’m sure can’t afford my services.

Hi JPM! I would like to request a custom mp3, if you’re able to do that. Here’s my idea:
I want you to tell me to go into my room, get naked and get into bed. Tell me to hump my pillow as I listen to your voice and powerful words. Hypnotize me into eating creampies. I should do it for any girl that wants me to do it, my gf or wife if I ever get one, and I always have to swallow, no spitting. I am meant to serve girls this way. If my gf wants her lover to nut deep inside her pussy, then I need to clean her up. If she wants another man’s seed planted inside her when she’s most fertile, then it’s my duty as her man to eat her out. I need to eat their salty, gooey creampies so they don’t get pregnant and can fuck some more. Tell me how you treat your man as well. Get me to crave cum by describing the taste and texture and be very descriptive, using different words for cum throughout. Also tell me to eat anal creampies too. Tell me how to worship a girls ass and eat and clean her dirty asshole out. Tell me to to go out and find shemales to suck off and give her head so that I can eat her she-cum. Then tell me to get used to the taste, I have to eat my own cum. Tell me to flip my legs over my head and point my cock at my mouth. Give me a slow countdown from 15 to 1 and on 1 make me shoot my hot sticky jizz into my mouth and gulp it down. Humiliate me then tell me goodnight. Be cute and giggly throughout.
Let me know if you can do this and for how much. It’d be about 15 mins.
I’d like if you could use my full name too. (I’ll send it to you when you okay this)

I’d really like to hear a sample of your voice if possible. Thanks!

Seriously loser AS IF I would give you a sample of my voice, are you like you like too cheap to call or buy an MP3 etc! Gross, even if I were to record such a gross recording surely a cheap phone sex freak like this could never afford it.