2010 The Year Of The Spoiled Jewish Princess

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Happy New Year dorks, friends, fans and stalkers (you know which of those you are). Here we with 2010 the year of the Jewish Princess, actually make that the beginning of the decade of the spoiled Jewish Princess.
I’ve been asked what my resolutions are for this year and it’s pretty simple. Make this year more about ME, more using dorks like you, more indulging on everything and lastly AT THE MINIMUM doubling the amount of cash I snatched from you Jewish Princess fetish lovers. I will be feeding you many more mp3’s, humiliation assignments, tasks and other aural delights this year. So boys, prepare for the juicy insults to swing and have that wallet of your’s fucked even harder in 2010.
My New Years was super totally awesome thanks for asking. I milked so many of you sad ass losers on New Years Eve, It was incredible watching as I hit the jackpot over and over blowing out the year with with a cash bust. One stupid dork spent the entire afternoon waiting on my succulent ass as I sat there sending him bits and pieces of my ass at $35 a picture making him put together the pieces until he got a stunning shot of my ample Jewish booty. The stupid ass pig got taken for $210 just to shove his fugly lips on the screen to kiss my ass.
I laughed the entire day, the pay to views were going non stop another dorky loser was charmed into a hardcore round of click pay stroke. Triple cherrys again for me another Princess addicted fool and his money into my designer pocket. Don’t be a pussy, call me.
Later dumb dumbs.
 Ya dumdum