Seeking An Online Mistress

by Princess Melissa on April 6, 2014

I’ve been incredible busy with my online worship slaves who need to be held along with my designer who flew in from NYC this week to consult on my new house. Just think you get to contribute to my new house. It’s costing quite the fortune so get those wallets out and pay for my luxurious linens, throw pillows, sub-zero and the list goes on and on. It give you a purpose and the chance to spoil an already spoiled Jewish Princess!
Look who’s seeing an online Mistress! Sissy slave Robert sent me this letter seeking permission to contact me.
We’ve had several conversations since he first approached me.

“Hello Miss Melissa,

This loser slave is seeking Your permission to call and make contact with You. My Wife is currently out on a date with Her Boyfriend and has ordered me to call and be put in my place. She has ordered that i be ready wearing lacy pink panties, matching bra and stockings. As well, my butt plug is in it’s proper place inside me. She requires that i be made fun of for having a small dick (4″ hard) and the fact that my Wife is out on a date and fucking a real Man while She never, ever fucks me. She expects that i will be made to do all kinds of humiliating and gross things. She hopes that i will be well degraded and humiliated by the time She gets home and i will be required to tell Her about it Miss Melissa.
Is this something You can help me with when i call Miss Melissa? Do i have Your permission to call Miss Melissa?
Ultimately, my Wife wants to find the right Woman that i will be required to call and serve EVERYTIME She goes on a date. She has anywhere from 3-5 dates a week!!! Would You want a slave to train as Your own that will call 3-5 times a week?

sissy-slave-robert OR any name You desire to call me Miss Melissa”

I made him do several humiliating and gross things, He jerked his small cock and orgasmed all over his wallet on web cam. That was fairly sad to watch but humiliating non the less. He was dressed like a sissy girl, he had to wear a tampon up his sissy ass for the entire 95 minute call a few days ago. He said his wife was a huge an of that task.
Time for me to go to Pilates and work this ass out and humiliate and be there for the men who love their online dommes.


Sissy Phone Sex Humiliation

by Princess Melissa on March 27, 2014

Superfreaks! I’m so bummed my favorite girl crushes on tv Broad City had its season finale last night. If you’re not dialed in to who the broads are then I suggest you get on that now. You want to be on my good side don’t you? You know i’m a tastemaker and whatever I say is the IT show to watch you watch!
In this weeks edition of what kind of Men call phone sex sites we have a great fetish freak Aaron looking for my help.

Hi amazing Jewish Princess Melissa, first of all I’m a major fan of yours! I’m a fetishistic transvestite and obsessive compulsive masturbator. I love women and feel very sexual around them but I’m often scared to fuck for a variety of reasons. This manifests in eroticized humiliation fantasies where I’m called “faggot” while dressed up in organza blouses, leather skirts and jackets, teetering on skyscraper stilettos and crowned with ridiculously huge bouffant hairdos. Painted & plugged I hump my hand twisted with desire. After I cum, the spell is broken, the erotic veneer stripped away, I stand defiled and debased, self-loathing takes over as I hurriedly clean up the crimescene and desperately try to pretend this never happened. The cycle repeats itself for a lifetime. Can you help me?

Of course I helped this tricked out tranny with a full on glam session. We were on the call for nearly 2 hours as I slowly feminized this male slut. Just like he wrote, the second his small cock blasted a load into his purple sheer panties he went into a depressed mode. He was looking at himself in the mirror with me on speaker phone, make up smeared like a tranny courtney Love. The shame was setting in and all I could do is laugh and tell him to go clean up his sissy puddle. He wanted to hang up and pretend it never happened but him and I both know the truth. Tranny boys like him are in this addiction for life.


Phone Sex Fantasies Exposed

by Princess Melissa on March 14, 2014

This week in phone sex antics is the occasional idiot who asks me some really great questions like “Princess Melissa, do you have sex through a sheet?” Hey genius, how about you get your Jews straight we come in different varieties you ignorant loser.
This came to me earlier in the week and I never did the call because I was way too bored with the lame setup and I have no desire to call other phone sex Woman and have them pretend they are local girls who can’t go with the flow as much as I can. Yeah really, Im THAT good.
Go ahead, have a laugh at my callers phone sex fantasy, don’t worry Kevin your reputation is already out there that you’re a closet porn addicted loser.

“Hi there Miss Melissa! How would you like to do a call where we make a 3-way call to women I know and you introduce yourself and explain that you have me on the phone with you. Make me confess the most embarrassing and humiliating things you can think of to them….like I made a hole in a couch cushion and you walked in while I was fucking the couch with all these pictures of girls I know spread out on the floor in front of me. Even more embarrassing than that if you can come up with something. Just totally make the most embarrassing shit up then make me confess it to them. Try to create a banter with them by asking them questions like if they are surprised by what they’ve learned today? Or, Did you suspect that he was a closet faggot? LOL! Please help me ruin my reputation with the ladies where I live. I know I am an idiot, Kevin in Chicago”


Phone Sex Fantasies

by Princess Melissa on March 3, 2014

Monday morning got off to an interesting start, I had a phone sex call and the guy paid me more to watch him go on web cam and have sex with a fresh box of donuts. He pulled out a pink box with a really delicious selection except for the gross cream filled one. I had him pick that one so I didn’t have to have any repulsive pervert flashbacks the next time I decided to eat a round sweet treat. Way to start the day with the first fabulous caller of the week!
This weeks phone sex fantasy exposed was a great role-play that I did with this closet case sissy boy Randy. First he sent me this email detailing what he wants to jerk off too.
“Hi Princess Melissa, My fantasy is that you are my ex gf’s Jessica’s friend . I call you to ask why she broke up with me. You tell me she has been cheating for awhile with bigger much more hung men. You tell me how she dresses for them and how they make her feel. You then tell me I should just give up and become a girl. You slip me a pill that turns me into a girl, you choose my girl name my looks(height weight bra size, panty size btt size hair color etc).
You then tell me that as a hot girl I could maybe audition to be in a porn you are producing. You audition me and I find out that my ex Jessica is in the porn. She does not recognize me but she mentors me on the set as you direct and Tara and I take on massive cocks together.
By the way, Tara is 5’7″ 36c 135lbs long wavy blonde hair blue eyes slim size 6 but big butt hips and thighs…I’m 5’9″ 155lbs short dark brown hair blue eyes runners build 7.5″
90 minutes later (after the pill wore off aka he made a squirty) he was an instant porn star who know how to deep throat cock catch the light at all the right angles like a total pro.


Jewish Princess Phone Sex Domination

by Princess Melissa on February 24, 2014

February has been such a month of love and loving ME on Niteflirt I can’t believe the month is almost over. While most girls were creaming their panties about getting a box of chocolates my Jappy Prince bought me a 1.5 million dollar box called a new little house. Yes my Jewish Prince is the best take a lesson losers thats how to man up if you want a hot Jewish Princess.
I had new, interesting and hysterical phone sex call on Niteflirt, Kitty boy as I called him meowed his way right into my bitchy heart. I humiliated him until he made a gross squirty and then he started purring. I do love a good role-play
“Princess Melissa would you be into this roleplay call?
We meet at a bar where you are dressed to kill in your tight latex catsuit. I notice you right away. You instantly notice me as well and command me with your eyes to come over.
You whisper in my ear that if I want to spend time with you, you will make me your humiliated bitch. You ask me do I understand and accept those terms? I say yes. You sternly tell me to address you as Mistress.
You walk away and motion me to follow where we exit the bar and get into your car.
You blindfold me and drive me to your place of play where our call begins.
Surprise me with all the straight kinky things that you can dream up. I want you to take complete control and lead me through the ways of being dominated by you as if i’m really there.
Make it extra humiliating and don’t allow me to speak unless specifically told to. Otherwise I am to Meow when you pick up the phone and Meow for all replies unless you direct me otherwise.
If this call interests you let me know. ”