Afraid To Swallow Cum? You Don’t Have To Be!

by Princess Melissa on July 17, 2014

Swallowing cum is disgusting at least in this Jewish Princess’s opinion. A Princess like me would NEVER allow that nasty disgusting baby batter enter my precious mouth. I wouldnt even consider letting it shoot in my mouth and then spit it out, thats even more disgusting. I’ve had some people tell me I was just afraid of it, afraid of the hot warm smelly goo. Thats not the case but I know a lot of you sissy boys are afraid to taste the love explosion. You know sissy boys, its always that first taste on the lips that gets you addicted and wanting more and more. So I saw a product that is perfect for those sissy cock suckers afraid to take down their first batch of sperm!
Sissy boys and closet casts now YOU can taste the spunk and make it delicious! Check this out it’s called Masque


Chronic Masturbator Turned Into My Slave

by Princess Melissa on July 5, 2014

chronic masturbation phone sex
Masturbator alert! More loser adventures in phone sex for you to read and relate too or laugh with me.
Meet chronic masturbator Bradley.
“Princess Melissa can you be my therapist who tells me she wants to help my sex addiction and the fact that I am a chronic masturbator to turn me into her slave instead. I tell you all my secrets and info thinking it’s just for therapy. I go to strip clubs a lot where the women dominate me tease me which makes weak confused and helpless and the drain my wallet and there is nothing I can do about. You tell me as therapy I need to have to only call you on Niteflirt instead and I tell you know what but you use my weaknesses to get me on cam naked jerking its pretty easy to tease me into it then record me and get embarrassing pics of me and then make me stay home online naked on my bed in cam or online on skype keeping my cock hard to pics and videos for you instead of going out. You tell me your going to use me to do experiments on me. I keeping begging you to let me go out but you don’t let me and make you pay you a large financial domination fee and say it’s for my own good that you force me to stay home naked edging to your photos and videos. Then you can check on me during the night either at your computer or smart phone on skype and if I don’t turn on my cam and you see me on my bed naked jerking then make me pay a penalty. Later make me pay to final cum and go to bed, Can we set up time for this?”
Loser Bradley has been jerking off on cam for me for the past week, I have a nice collection of humiliating evidence as to what to complete and total loser he is. I’ve been draining his wallet daily watching the cha-ching go bling bling in my bank account. He did fuck up once and had to pay a $250 fee which I thought was being totally generous. Like I give a shit though right?


Make Me A Craigslist Slut

by Princess Melissa on June 3, 2014

Craigslist slut

A new closet case called my phone domination line looking to get whored out to suck cock on Craigslist. Another loser who thinks I have the time to sit around and post his loser gay all on the internet to get his mouth and boy pussy laid. Loser boy learned fast that my time is money. So he sent me a $200 tribute to write a few craigslist ads for him.

“Princess Melissa I’m Craig and I live in Los Angeles. It is a huge fantasy of mine to have a dominant Jewish woman making me suck some real cock. I would love to have you place an ad on craigslist etc. so that you have complete control and you instructing me which cocks to suck, with you on the phone while I’m sucking too – making me do it for you. I’m a little nervous about swallowing cum too as I don’t want to gag but I really want to swallow, so that I can give the best blow job. Just to clarify, I want to do this for real, with you placing the ad and finding the cocks you want me to suck (I ask for it to be this way as I feel knowing as little about the cocks I’m going to suck is a huge turn on and is more exciting).
I also have some poppers which I’d love for you to instruct me when and how to take them. I really like the idea of not having ANY CONTROL. It would be really great if you threw in some twists of your own too, I don’t mind if you want me to drink or wear certain things…whatever you say, I will do, would love if you were getting me to do things I would never normally do (I should let you know that I’m really not into having my ass penetrated though).
This would be an on-going thing, with you instructing me things to do and prepare until our next call. And anytime you want me to call, email me and I will do exactly as you tell me.
Could you also let me know whens best to do this, I’m looking to do this as soon as possible.
I am completely genuine and will 100% surrender to you if you are happy to do this.”

The ad got a shocking amount of responses, I guess I made him sound super sexy and of course free drugs always gets them going. Of course the bitch ass kissing loser backed out of actually doing it but it didnt matter because I got paid and made $350 in an hour.


Obey My Jewish Princess Ass

by Princess Melissa on May 28, 2014

Let’s play a game of “Do what I tell you” in todays round of open of your wallet and spend. A small but powerful new goodie bag that I’ve posted on Niteflirt.
Obey My Ass


Pregnancy Fetish Phone Sex

by Princess Melissa on May 23, 2014

Pregnant Fetish

This was a really creepy phone sex call, I found myself totally grossed out during and after this one. So, this guy called my femdom phone line and I had him hypnotized for over an hour  talking about the millions of black babies his wife was about to produce.  Are you already intrigued and wondering where this is going to go? I’m sure you are so go ahead and read the introduction he sent me.

“Princess you are a hypno therapist who is evil. my wife and I came to you (separately; she, then me) because we have been trying to have a baby but have been unsuccessful so far.

after you hypnotize me, you show me that:
my wife was already under hypnosis before I came into your office. you have laid her out on a hospital bed, she is nude except for black stockings & black patent heels. there is a filthy/beat-up bucket hanging above her bed, with a clear tube coming out the bottom, and you have inserted the other end of the tube into her womb. inside the bucket is the cum loads from hundreds of different black men. there is a valve that you can open and close to start and stop the flow of their cum into her womb. right now the valve is closed; nothing has happened… yet.

through your hypnosis you are going to rewrite my mind so that the sight of this now turns me on, and you will program me so that every time I see cum flowing through the tube, I will get more and more aroused… and I will want to see more and more cum flowing each time you open the valve.

you will reprogram me so that I want her to get pregnant with a black baby, where we won’t know the father. you program me to hope for twins/triplets or even more. you program me to take care of the babies while she cuckolds me with black thugs. you program me to have no problems with the humiliation from raising kids which are obviously not mine.

first you can ask me if you should open & close the valve to let a single load into her…
then after that, ask me if you should fill her with two loads at once, and so on and so on,
building up to a gallon at once, then finally ask if you should release the bucket’s remaining contents all at once…”

You’re either really grossed out or really turned on by reading that, I’m sure most of you freaks are getting all hot and bothered and want the same thing. By the time the call was over his slut whore big black cock craving slut of a wife had given birth to about 40 hood rats and thugs. I turned him into the worlds most busy Mr. Mom while his wife was an endless cum dump baby making machine.