Jewish Princess Rejection Valentines Day MP3

February 14, 2018

Valentine Rejection To Jerk Your Sad Loveless Cock Too
Thats so sweet you got me these gifts for Valentines day but I dont know. Listen as I give you the Valentine rejection MP3 you crave from your Jewish Princess. See what happens when you bring me flowers and chocolates. I know you want my Jewish Princess rejection, so get to it. You can’t afford me. 


Jerk Off Your Loser Dick, Obey And Pay Princess Melissa 

June 28, 2017

Hey losers, like I have time for this shit, I’m busy on the phone cash raping your wallets. So here’s what you get, a new pay-to-view. Submit and get under my sweet ass and Princess pussy and stroke that loser little cock for Princess Melissa!  You WILL stroke to me today, you will be dominated by my beauty and obey my natural perfect Jewish Princess body. Pay now you fucking gawking loser and do as you’re!

My Quaz Interview With NYT Best-Selling Author Jeff Pearlman

November 29, 2016

I got my Quaz on with Jeff Perlman. 

My Quaz Interview With NYT Best-Selling Author Jeff Pearlman


Another Day Another Dick Sucker

October 25, 2016

I’m always asked what kind of calls do you get the most of and well, there’s obviously a ton of closet dick suckers out there. Every day is a new dick sucker just waiting to have himself exposed or fantasize about being outed to suck cock.

Randy has proven to be a great cock sucker for me, he’s already had 7 cocks in the past month. I’m so proud!  Another day, another dick sucker.

Hi, I’m Randy , It is a huge fantasy of mine to have a dominant Jewish Princess make me suck some real cock. I would love to have you place an ad on craigslist etc. so that you have complete control and you instructing me which cocks to suck, with you on the phone whilst I’m sucking too – making me do it for you. I’m a little nervous about swallowing cum too as I don’t want to gag but I really want to swallow, so that I can give the best blow job. Just to clarify, I want to do this for real, with you placing the ad and finding the cocks you want me to suck (I ask for it to be this way as I feel knowing as little about the cocks I’m going to suck is a huge turn on and is more exciting).I’m not sure if you’ve done a scenario like this before but if you’re happy to do this, I’m interested to know if you want to do it exactly like this or do it slightly different. I don’t mind it’s up to you.I also have some poppers which I’d love for you to instruct me when and how to take them. I really like the idea of not having ANY CONTROL. It would be really great if you threw in some twists of your own too, I don’t mind if you want me to drink or wear certain things…whatever you say, I will do, would love if you were getting me to do things I would never normally do (I should let you know that I’m really not into having my ass penetrated though).This would be an on-going thing, with you instructing me things to do and prepare until our next call. And anytime you want me to call, email me and I will do exactly as you tell me.


What Can You Do For Me?

September 20, 2016

There are 5 very important words you should ask yourself when you have me on your mind. Those word are “What Can You Do For ME?” Ask yourself that right now.
When you see Me, you should ask Me if there’s anything you can do for ME. Why? Open up to the captioned photo to find out. A quick click and pay insta boner for you available now on Niteflirt.

What can you do for me?

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