You Love That Your Wife Cheated On You, Cuckold Boy

February 26, 2019

Hi Princess Melissa, my name is Tim. I’m hoping that you can help me. Almost 2 years ago my wife had an affair on me. It’s been very difficult, but we have remained married. Do you believe you can utilize a hypnosis type session to help me alter my perception of my wifes affair? As in, instead of anger, resentment, and feeling really sad all the time could you replace these feeling of the affair with feelings of excitement, lust, and a general feeling of all over happiness?

I swear to you this is totally a real situation and not a fantasy,I’m not just another guy looking for a way to jerk off calling a phone sex line. I know how Jewish women can be and I’m confident you’re the one to help me through this.
I’m begging you, please can you help me Princess Melissa?

Tim is about 3 weeks into his work with me, I’ve been working really hard on having Tim the cuck accept and love that he’s a cuckold who’s being cucked by his wife! He’s already deep into acceptance of his new life and I think its already really improving his marriage! I’m so awesome, I should have been a therapist.

Another Jewish Princess Cuckold Fantasy Role-Play It Is

January 7, 2019

“I have Jewish Princess cuckold fantasy that you meet your friend Samantha’s new boyfriend, who you think is a pompous snob, Republican jerk when you first meet. But then Rebecca tells you he has a giant cock and you begin to treat him differently. Instead of rolling your eyes at the things he say’s and belittling his crude sexual advances, you start to plot a way to get him alone and put that huge cock inside you and you tell your poor, pathetic small cock hubby, Me, all about it.
I love the switch from obnoxious jerk to object of desire.
What do you think, are you starting to feel differently about that loud-mouthed, obnoxious, cocky, in-shape, funny, hammer-cocked Donald Jr. type? (See what I did there ūüėČ )

This ended up being mildly entertaining to me for all of about 10 seconds and then I started to actually think about fucking a guy like that and dry heaved. I was able of course like the professional J.A.Pctress that I am able to deliver most of the goods, I flipped his script and told him I turned him into my liberal bitch and ended up making him suck his cock. He loved it, of course.

Call me, you know you want too.

The Phone Sex Caller With The Nose Blowing Fetish

December 17, 2018

In this edition of the losers who call my Jewish Princess phone sex line we have this nose blowing loser. He did end up calling me of course he was obsessed about talking about my beautiful perfect Jewish nose and I did end up having him send me $100 for each honk of my morning nose drains. It was quite the win as always for me. A little financial domination by nose. 

“Hi Miss Melissa I was wondering if you blow your nose and as your friends to go to the bathroom to make them blow theirs. I was hoping that this morning we could have a nose blowing lesson if you are home now. It would be better if you havent blown your nose yet this morning.

I get stuffy in the morning when i wake up and i have nobody here to make me blow my nose even though i should. i was thinking you make me blow my nose after you blow yours. you would roll off the toilet paper and blow and have me listen for the noise you want. then say its your turn and have me blow and then if i blow really good you can help me relieve myself down there.
let me know

Jewish Princess Rejection Valentines Day MP3

February 14, 2018

Valentine Rejection To Jerk Your Sad Loveless Cock Too
Thats so sweet you got me these gifts for Valentines day but I dont know. Listen as I give you the Valentine rejection MP3 you crave from your Jewish Princess. See what happens when you bring me flowers and chocolates. I know you want my Jewish Princess rejection, so get to it. You can’t afford me. 


Jerk Off Your Loser Dick, Obey And Pay Princess Melissa 

June 28, 2017

Hey losers, like I have time for this shit, I’m busy on the phone cash raping your wallets. So here’s what you get, a new pay-to-view. Submit and get under my sweet ass and Princess pussy and stroke that loser little cock for Princess Melissa!  You WILL stroke to me today, you will be dominated by my beauty and obey my natural perfect Jewish Princess body. Pay now you fucking gawking loser and do as you’re!

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